What She REALLY Wants in Bed: 5 Female Orgasm Secrets Most Men NEVER Learn

By Amy A  

Who else is fascinated by the female body, but isn't 100% sure how it works? Or, maybe you know a LOT about her body, but simply aren't sure if what you are doing in bed is WORKING, or not? Does she have a G-spot? Is THAT the secret to making her climax during sex?

What about foreplay? How important is it, and how much is too much? Does penis size matter? And if so... WHY so? And what are the best positions for her orgasm? Is there one that works better than most?

Any of these questions sound familiar?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the sex secrets they don't teach any of us in high school health... but if they cared about happy, healthy sex lives, that they probably should! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Filed Under: Contrary to what you see on "adult" TV, the vast majority of women do NOT find achieving orgasm from conventional intercourse all that easy. Some recent surveys show that up to half of all women find sexual intercourse to be their favorite sexual activity... but one that doesn't lead to climax in most situations.

Why not?

The 2 key elements for her enjoyment are stamina (10 minutes or more is typically required) and size or anatomical compatibility. The majority of a woman's most sensitive sexual nerve endings are either buried deep in her body (beyond the "reach" of most average sized men) or along the wider walls of the inner vagina, also making it difficult to stimulate during ordinary sex. This is also one of the reasons that most sex therapists who understand the REAL challenges women face, will discuss penile "girth" being much more important than length.

2 - Most women CAN achieve orgasm from foreplay. As a matter of fact, just about all women are able to climax on our own, with simple self stimulation techniques any man can learn. (with a little guidance from her!)

3 - There are 2 types of multiple orgasm for women. Serial and sequential orgasm. The vast majority of women can in fact, achieve both. Serial refers to multiple climaxes in one sexual experience, and sequential refers to one immediately after the other.

4 - Can't tell if she's keeping it real in bed? If you want to know if she's faking it or not... her body may give it away! Women have more than 15 unique "tells" that reveal how close she is to orgasm. Many of these are completely involuntary. For example, her pupils may dilate. Her skin temperature will increase subtly, yet enough to notice with your hands. Her respiration will increase, and most women will also perspire as orgasm approaches. A woman faking it may appear quite convincing, but a man who knows what to look for will be able to tell the difference!

5 - Speaking of faking it, most women DO admit to faking it on occasion. (some do on most occasions!) Why? The biggest reason most women admit to pretending in bed, is to not hurt her partners feelings. Many women feel that their lovers mean well, but aren't sufficiently skilled in foreplay. Or, she may simply prioritize YOUR pleasure so much, that faking it will often lead a man to feel more sexually self confident. And most of us can agree, when we feel like the sex is great, the rest of the relationship benefits as well, meaning that faking an orgasm can have lots of benefits OUTSIDE the bedroom for her as well!
The bottom line?

Women DO love to orgasm as much as men. It's just more complicated for us, and more work is required. Learning what really turns HER on is a big step, and believe it or not, communication is key to her climax as well! Asking her what she likes, what she doesn't, and what feels the best during sex is a big turn on for a woman, and that alone can overcome many other size, stamina or skill deficiencies by itself.

How to Get Your Girl So Aroused That She Will Scream And Beg for More!

By Latha G  


Is your young lady fulfilled by your execution in bed? Is it safe to say that you are searching for more tips to end up far better in bed? In the event that the answer is yes, you are a fortunate kid today. Today, give me a chance to impart to you some simple tips to get your young lady so wet in bed that she will implore you for more.

To get a young lady wet, you must not begin intercourse before she is wet. I know this may be a bit confusing; essentially a young lady when completely stimulated will be wet before intercourse. Numerous men commit the error of beginning intercourse before a lady is wet. On the off-chance that you do this, you are not going to issue her a wet and fulfilling climax.

The motivation behind why nature makes a young lady wet before intercourse is because the liquid makes intercourse smooth and pleasant for the woman. On the off chance that you enter her when she is dry, you are bringing on more agony than joy!
Now, give me a chance to proceed onward to the solid techniques to make a young lady wet and climax:

1. Make sexual reckoning. Sexual reckoning is your best partner to give your woman a wet climax. Ladies are altogether different from men. Men can surge straight to sex immediately after hopping into bed. However, ladies take extra time to get stimulated and get prepared for sex. For most ladies, sex begins well before getting into the room. To increase the possibility of getting her moved, make sexual expectation by sending her insidious text messages to make her think of you amid the day. Amid supper, take part in some attentive touching, this can be a genuine turn-on for both of you.

2. Make fun of her amid foreplay. Foreplay is an essential procedure of a decent love-making. You MUST take part in stretched out foreplay on the off-chance that you need to give your young lady a wet climax. Strip her gradually and move your hands everywhere on her body as though it is your first time seeing her stripped. Make hovers around her bosoms with your finger or tongue before sucking her nipples. Kiss and stroke all her erogenous zones, for example, spine, neck, bosoms, inward thighs, neckline bones, ear cartilage, and so forth.

3. Invest additional time on the neck. A lady's neck is to a great degree touchy to lick and kisses. All ladies cherish their men to kiss their neck as it is a genuine turn-on. Kiss her neck and gradually move north to handle her ears. Most ladies can't avoid this.

4. Proceed to her bottom. Stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips for ladies is one of the most ideal approaches to give a young lady a climax even before intercourse. This is on account of a lady's clitoris is the most delicate piece of her body as it contains more than 7,500 touchy nerve endings. Lick her clitoris and when she is going to peak, flick your tongue rapidly to see her spout into an awesome climax.

5. Figure out how to finger her. Utilize your finger to find the g-spot and apply weight to it. On the off-chance that you animate the g-spot effectively, you will drive your woman absolutely wild.

6. Be manly and masculine. Ladies cherish their men to take control amid love-making. Push your woman against the divider and enter her from the back. Take control by being solid and she will surrender and succumb to climax easily.

Please note, knowing these tips may not be sufficient; you must issue her a satisfactory orgasm amid intercourse so as to completely fulfill her in bed. To have the capacity to fulfill her amid intercourse, you must last no less than 5 to 10 minutes.

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